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Bruxism – it’s the clenching of the jaw and grinding of the teeth sometimes to the point of actually breaking a tooth.

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Second Time on Lexapro This is my second time on Lexapro for depression-related sleeplessness and panic attacks.

<b>LEXAPRO</b> Side effects, ratings, and patient comments – page 17

How to avoid clenching my jaw? - teeth clenchjaw stresshabit Ask.

If you've decided to stop taking Lexapro, you may want to know how to do it: Quit cold turkey?

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My throat muscles are constantly tht and they seem to get worse as the day goes by. Bad enough I have tingling & twitching in the legs & body, now I got a sore head, neck, chin, jaw & throat to contend with! Its all due to tension, so even puling some funny faces to release the tension helps. I am back to swallowing difficulties (in the esophogus) and tingling in my shins and calves today! My stress & anxiety seems to manifest itself in different locations of my body on a daily basis. My mental state is good, I am working out daily, not sure why my body is still going crazy!? When I am aware I am doing it then I do let my jaw sag (I look gorgeous doing it - you try it) and now I will try Fee's suggestion too. I have been to my Family Dr., 2 ENT's, a Rheumatologist and an Infectious Disease Dr.

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